Owned and Operated by Leslie Bancroft Haynes


Full Board

Horse boarded at Rough Terrain FarmThe main barn and indoor arena at Rough Terrain Farm are leased to the Equine Studies Program at Vermont Technical College.

At Leslie Hayne's private 5-stall barn at her house located just up the road from the indoor arena, she offers boarding for horses, ponies or minis in training, horses recovering from from injuries, and for short term guests to the farm who would like to trail ride or drive in the area ($20 per night). Her barn is located off a quiet country road, just 5 miles from Interstate 89, with access to miles of dirt roads and wooded trails.

Full Boarding Rate: $450 per month (does not include hay and grain)

Co-op Boarding Barn

Rough Terrain Farm also offers a separate six-stall co-op training barn, that is occupied in large part by students in the Equine Studies Program. However stalls are often available for area residents. Individuals are responsible for provide their own hay, grain and bedding and horse care. Arrangements can be made with others in the group to share chores. Boarders may use the indoor arena at designated times.

Co-op Boarding Rate: $150 (box stall with separate turn-out) -$200 (box stall with private paddock) per month

All horses coming to board at RTF must sign a boarding and/or training contract and be up-to-date on Coggins, all standard shots, worming, and dental care.


Owner Leslie Haynes, a British Horse Society Certified Instructor, specializes in training quality driving horses and ponies for pleasure and competition. Leslie also trains miniature horses to drive and utilizes Natural Horsemanship (NH) and round pen training methods to ready all horses for schooling.

Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship involves understanding the horse's natural behavior, what motivates them, and how they communicate. This technique enables Leslie to read the horse, and to effectively communicate with them in a way that they understand, while developing a willing partnership and cooperative working relationship.




Round Penning

Leslie Haynes teaching natural horsemanship in the round pen at Rough Terrain Farm

This systematic process brings the horse to a respectful, trusting, and willing frame of mind. The horse goes through a five step process that starts with subordinance, and progresses through focus, respect, communication, and trust that ultimately results in the horse "joining-up" in a leader-follower relationship with the trainer. At this stage the horse accepts the trainer as his herd leader and the one in charge. The horse takes on an attitude of willingness and respect resulting in a training process that is based on obedience, trust, and leadership. While in the round pen, horses are bomb proofed through a "sacking out" process that introduces them a wide variety sights and sounds that might otherwise elicit a natural fight and flight response, causing them to shy or "blow up". This technique results in a horse that is more responsive, obedient, relaxed and safe to work with.

Training Rate

Board and custom training plan priced according to horse's needs (grain and hay not included).

Trial Assessment

$250. Up to one week.

Horses are evaluated on an individual basis and the duration of training discussed with the owner.

Leslie Haynes teaching a driving lesson with Rose at Rough Terrain FarmPrivate Carriage Driving Lessons

Leslie's engaging personality, articulate nature, and sense of humor combined with her extensive knowledge of Natural Horsemanship, dressage, and driving make her a dynamic and highly effective instructor. She is a pleasure to work with, generous with her time and knowledge, and passionate about good horsemanship.

Riding or driving lessons with student's own horse are available at Rough Terrain Farm or at their barn, within a reasonble distance of the farm. Driving lessions for adults (under 200 lbs) and children are available at the farm with Leslie's well-trained mini, Rose.

Safety and correctness are emphasized in all disciplines.

Lesson Rates:   Full hour: $50 at the farm.

Hourly rate plus travel fee and mileage charged for lessons at the students barn.    

Sales & Search Services

Leslie maintains a vast network of contacts that make selling or finding the perfect horse, pony, or equipment a simpler process. Just call or e-mail to discuss sales arrangements or to begin your search.

Available to Teach Driving Clinics in Vermont & New Hampshire

Leslie Haynes is available to teach driving clinics in Vermont and New Hampshire for pleasure or competion as well as mini clinics.


Please contact Leslie Haynes by phone at 802-461-6197 NOT by email.